Q: What Russian tourist visa invitation consists of?
A: Russian visa invitation for tourism consists of two documents: voucher and confirmation.
Both of the documents must be presented to the Russian consulate at the time of applying for Russian visa.
Q: How will I get my Russian visa invitation from you?
A: We will email it to the address you indicate on the order form.
Q: How fast after I submit my order will I receive the invitation to Russia?
A: If you have ordered Russian tourist invitation, then it will be emailed to you instantly. Order Russian tourist visa invitation now! It takes from 5 to 12 business days to get Russian business visa invitation. Order Russian business visa invitation now!
Q: Why there is a limited number of the countries in your citizenship list?
A: We would be glad to serve as many countries as possible, but there are limitations imposed by Russian immigration laws and procedures.
Q: What documents should I bring to the Rusisan consulate to get visa to Russia?
A: You must bring your passport, photo, filled-out application form, invitation documents received from us and in some cases emergency travel insurance along with flight and hotel booking.
We recommend to check the requirements of the Russian consulate where you submit beforehand as they may vary.
Q: I am not feeling comfortable to visit Russian embassy. Could you submit my Russian visa documents for me?
A: Yes, sure we would be glad to help you. Please, contact one of our visa offices. If you reside in US - (click on the following link) www.visacenter.us. For UK residents - www.visacentre.org.uk. Canadian residents may get Russian visa at any of Visa Center locations - www.visacenter.ca